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If you are great at what you do and would like to apply to join SPEEDMENTORS as a Mentor, please fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch! 

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Eve Horne FEATURED_edited.jpg

Songwriter & Producer

Eve is an Award-Winning Creative Mentor and Advisor. She has over 20 years' experience in the Music Industry as a Singer, Songwriter and Producer. Eve is founder of PeakMusicUK and the UNHEARD Campaign which demands equality for women in the Music Industry.

Book a 1:1 Session with Eve to discuss songwriting, production, equality and being heard in the Music Industry! 

Shaun Stewart FEATURED_edited.jpg

Entrepreneur & Brand Founder

Shaun is an open minded entrepreneur who wants to help as many people as possible. He is the founder of lifestyle brand:

'Boss In The Game London'

Where Shaun comes from, to where he is now are light years apart. He grew up in social housing and I spent his 21st birthday in prison. His life experience is like a movie so he wont be surprised by much!

Chat with Shaun about building a brand and how to be the Boss in your own Game! 

Rupert Lane FEATURED _edited_edited.jpg

Sales & Marketing Leader & Tech Startup Entrepreneur

Rupert has worked in commercial roles across some of the world’s most reputable media & creative brands for almost 30 years & decided to shift his focus in order to help smaller businesses raise their own commercial opportunities.

Chat with Rupert if you are would like to discuss how to make big moves in your career or if you are thinking of going it alone and launching your own business and need some hints and tips on what to do!

Charlotte Lloyd FEATURED_edited_edited.jpg

Sales Leader & Motivator

Charlotte is a Sales Leader and Motivator with first hand experience and tried and tested strategies to overcoming rejection - helping you become stronger & more confident in the workplace.

Chat with Charlotte about building a career in B2B sales & overcoming your fears, rejection and challenges in your role so you can master them to your advantage!

Ant for website (1).png

Professional Songwriter, Arranger & Multi-Instrumentalist

Anthony has worked in the music business for forty years as a composer, singer songwriter, producer, arranger, keyboard player, guitarist and vocalist.  

He has also scored and composed music for films, documentaries and worked as a freelance producer for EMI Records, BlueNote Records, BMG Records and Universal Records.

Chat with Anthony if you want his advice & guidance on how to start or build your career in the Music Industry! 

Jack Pepper - FEATURED_edited.jpg

Composer, Broadcaster & Writer

Jack is a composer, broadcaster and writer.

He is one of the UK's youngest commissioned composers and is among the UK's youngest national radio presenters, and hosts a weekly show on Bauer Media's Scala Radio.

Jack is a member of the BRIT Awards voting panel; sits on the UK Council of Creative UK; and is an ambassador for the charity Music For Youth.

Chat with Jack about great ways to get into radio, composing, writing and presenting! 

Chris Barnett - FEATURED_edited.jpg

Film Composer

Christopher's catalogue of composed music covers the spectrum from independent film, documentary, television to theatre, academia and corporate campaigns, recorded with studio orchestras in Bulgaria, Budapest and London (Air Edel, Air Lyndhurst and Abbey Road Studios).

Chat with Christopher about building and maintaining a successful career in Music! ​

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