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 Hello, I'm Alex,  I am the founder of SPEEDMENTORS.

 I set up SPEEDMENTORS with the purpose of connecting people with real life experts for mentoring, career advice and guidance so that they can aspire to be just as successful as them.

During 1-2-1 Sessions, your SPEEDMENTOR will chat, give professional advice and  answer questions on how (in their personal experience and opinion) are the best ways to succeed in the industry that they are great at. 

I hit a roadblock in my own career at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. I was made redundant and wasn’t sure of the direction I should take. I had a project idea which I knew had some legs but I needed the expert advice from somebody with experience in that field. 

I needed hints and tips from someone who had experience couldn't find anyone easily. 

Unless I wanted to spend an absolute fortune on lengthy online 'how to' courses, or try and befriend someone awkwardly on social media, I couldn’t simply access the advice I needed.

This is how SPEEDMENTORS was born. 

SPEEDMENTORS is a clean, clear and simple way to connect with experts and access the inspiration, mentoring and advice they can provide. With no convoluted intro's, courses, information you don’t need or awkwardnes. Sessions are online, 1:1 between Mentor and Mentee, and take place at a time that suits you - anywhere in the world!  

We also have a wonderful selection of professional Coaches who have joined us to help people with achieving their life & career goals - whatever they may be.  

I am excited to hear how you get on with it and support your growth, so please get in touch with comments and suggestions! 



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